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What is it and Who is it For?

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp at Eureka College is an aligned NIST/NICE standards cybersecurity training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry level jobs in cybersecurity a high in-demand and lucrative career path. The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is for anyone interested in becoming a cybersecurity professional. No prior knowledge or experience required. This Bootcamp at Eureka College covers the hands-on and practical skills necessary for Bootcampers to land high-paying careers in cybersecurity, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.


Graduates of the bootcamp are permitted to take the Cyber First Responder (CFR) certificate exam. In addition, graduates are allowed to take the Security+ certification exam.


To register or questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at (309) 467-6825 or email


Cybersecurity cohort sessions:

  • Mon. & Thu. Aug 22nd - Jan. 23rd  from  6 - 10 p.m.  CST
  • Mon. & Thu. Nov 7th - May 7th from 6 - 10 p.m. CST


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Why Cybersecurity?

With the rate of Cyber attacks reaching record highs, there is an urgent need for workers in cybersecurity. The field has had 0% unemployment for nearly a decade and forecasts 350% job growth through 2021. With plentiful opportunities and competitive compensation, the best way to gain the skills necessary to fill these positions is through an accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp.


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How Does it Work?

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp was developed around Israeli military training methodologies and hands-on learning. We know that everyone learns differently which is why Eureka College offers Bootcampers with two accelerated tracks.


  • Full Time, 3 months:  4 hours daily with the Bootcamp Facilitator and 4 hours individual online work. 


  • Part Time, 6 months:  This will cover the same content, over a longer period of time and with classes occurring only twice a week, 4 hours each day.



Once registered, students will be provided an access code to get into the LMS. There will be a 20-hour required pre-work assignment due before the start date of the class. Unless prior arrangements are made, students must pay before the class begins. No refunds will be provided after the start of the class. Detailed syllabus available by request at


  •  Classes are facilitated by Cybint at a one-time cost of $5,000.00.


During Bootcamp

  • Cohort-based with daily meetings and learning objectives
  • Curriculum aligned with National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)
  • Access to Cybint Cyber Experts for Q&A
  • Guidance on job searching and resume building


Download the Cybersecurity Bootcamp Syllabus


After Bootcamp Role and Readiness


  • 9 months of continued access to Cybint’s online learning platform, including ongoing training covering emerging cyber threats
  • Connection to our alumni and career network
  • Career readiness for the most in-demand entry-level cybersecurity roles
  • Salary information can be found at


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Which Cybersecurity Roles Can I Get?
Cyber Forensics Analyst
Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Forensic Analyst, Digital Forensics Analyst, Cyber Crime Analyst
Top Skills Requested:
Computer forensics, threat analysis, network defense, system administration, encryption
Cyber Defense Analyst
Common Job Titles:
Cybersecurity Analyst, SOC Analyst, Info Security Analyst, Network Defense Technician
Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, vulnerabilities assessment, data management, info assurance, incident management
Cyber Incident Responder
Common Job Titles:
Incident Response Analyst, Intrusion Analyst, Security Monitoring Analyst, Computer Crime Investigator
Top Skills Requested:
Incident management, network defense, information systems, digital forensics, threat analysis
Network Operations Specialist
Common Job Titles:
Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst, IT Specialist, Network Analyst, LAN/WAN Admin
Top Skills Requested:
Network management, information technology assessment, operating systems, system administration
Cyber Infrastructure Specialist
Common Job Titles:
Cyber Defense Infrastructure Support Specialist, Intrusion Detection System Admin, Network Security Specialist
Top Skills Requested:
Network defense, information systems, incident management, network security, encryption